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Does Newt Gingrich Have a Chance in 2012

In your opinion, does Newt Gingrich have a chance to win in 2012?  Even though he was left for dead just a few months ago, there are a growing number of people who think he could actually win the nomination in 2012.  Gingrich had a rough start to his presidential campaign, as many people on his staff left before his campaign had barely began.  In a sense, Gingrich has been campaigning for years, as he has kept himself in the media over the last few years.  It appears that Gingrich was preparing for this time to run for President.  With the perceived weakness of President Obama, he could win the presidency if he is nominated by the GOP in early 2012.

Gingrich has quietly been gaining support over the last couple months.  There have been several shifts in the 2012 GOP Presidential polls since the debates begun.  The biggest loser in the debates has been Rick Perry.  In my opinion, he has no chance to win the nomination.  People want someone who is prepared for the debates, and Perry does not appear to be prepared in any of the debates.  The GOP does not want someone who can’t debate against President Obama in the 2012 Presidential debates.  This is one of Obama’s main strengths, so conservatives need someone who can effectively debate against Obama in 2012.  Perry does not have the skills to be able to do this effectively, and it would hurt him if he was nominated in 2012.

The biggest winners in the debates so far have been Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich.  Mitt Romney has done well too, but he was already a front-runner among the GOP candidates.  Herman Cain has gone from an unknown candidate to the GOP superstar in recent weeks, and it is expected that he will continue to be popular as the debates move on.

Newt Gingrich has gained popularity too as more and more people see how he does in the debates.  He has an ability to articulate and explain his positions on major policy initiatives unlike many of the other candidates in the race.  Most people only know Gingrich as the candidate who resigned from the House of Representatives in the 1990s in the midst of many scandals plaguing the government at the time.  They know him as the Republican who has been divorced multiple times.  They don’t know the real Newt Gingrich, but they are seeing what he really believes today.

Does Newt Gingrich have a chance in 2012?  If he can find a way to win the GOP nomination in 2012, then he has a good chance to win!