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Conservative Magazines – Finding Alternative Sources Of Information

Conservative magazines are increasing in popularity as many people are frustrated with traditional media sources.  It seems like many news stations are spending more time discussing celebrities than addressing real issues in our country.   They are tired of hearing about Casey Anthony and Anthony Weiner.  They don’t care what Lindsay Lohan did the other night, and they certainly don’t want to hear another word about Charlie Sheen.  People are fed up about the direction of the United States.  This is not just coming from conservatives.  I have heard plenty of rumblings from liberals who are not happy with the direction that the Democrats are taking the United States.  Conservatives are sick and tired of many of their representatives in the Republican Party.

With all of the unrest in the economy, the wars in the Middle East, the job market, taxes, and other issues, people are looking for alternative voices where they can get their information.  Here are a few places where you can get news from conservative magazines and news sites:

Fox News

Almost everyone knows about Fox News.  They provide an alternative voice for people who are fed up with the older, traditional news channels and newspapers.  It is hard to imagine a world without Fox News, but they did not even exist 20 years ago.  Almost all of the other conservative magazines and newspapers look to Fox News as the model to follow.

The Drudge Report

The Drudge Report was one of the earliest conservative websites to hit the Web.  They first rose to prominence in the late 1990s when they were the first news organization to report on the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  This news story put the website on the map, and they have been a mainstay for conservative information since the late 90s.  When it comes to conservative magazines and news sources, the Drudge Report is always mentioned in the discussion.

CBN News

CBN is a conservative Christian organization founded by evangelist Pat Robertson.  They provide news from a Christian perspective that often focuses on Christian related topics.  In a dark and hurting world, Christians are always being persecuted.  Unfortunately, reports of Christian persecution are increasing in the United States, so there will always be a need for CBN News.

The Weekly Standard

This conservative magazine keeps tabs on everything happening on Capitol Hill.  They work to shape the opinions of law makers in Washington.  Many of the articles written in this magazine are written by conservative think tanks.  They publish the magazine 48 times per year.  They also have a blog known as the Daily Standard where daily commentary and articles are produced.

This is just a small sampling of the conservative magazines you can find online today.   If you are tired of the same information being reported by the major news organizations every single day, you should begin checking out alternative sources for news.  Do not embrace the notion of getting all of your news for free.  Some of the most cutting edge in-depth analysis of conservative issues comes from monthly membership conservative magazines.

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Conservatives For Michelle Bachmann

Conservatives for Michelle Bachmann are hoping that she can win the presidential nomination for the GOP in 2012.  Based on the recent polling numbers, it looks like she has a good chance to become the Republican nominee.  Most people are just now learning who she is, as she is relatively new to the Republican scene.

Bachmann’s early life

Michelle Bachmann was born in Waterloo, Iowa.  After her parents divorced, she was raised by her mother in Anoka, Minnesota.  She attended Winona State University and graduated in 1978.  She attended Law School at the O. W. Coburn School of Law.  The school became a part of Oral Roberts University.  The school moved to Regent University in 1986 after she graduated, and she helped establish the law school at Regent.  She and her husband moved to Stillwater, Minnesota in 1988 where they have lived for 23 years.  She and her husband have five children, and they have also provided care for 23 foster children.

Bachmann’s Christian background and tea party support

Bachmann has a history of supporting Christian values.  She supports pro-life causes and opposes gay marriage.  She is the founder of the House Tea Party Caucus.  Conservatives for Michelle Bachmann recognize that she supports conservative causes, and she is a favorite among Christian conservatives.

Michelle Bachmann views on gay marriage

She served in the Minnesota Senate from 2000 to 2006.  She established a strong conservative record and organized religious leaders to support a state amendment to define marriage as between a man and woman.  The amendment failed to pass.  She has taken a strong stance against raising taxes against the wealthy.

Michelle Bachmann views on other political issues

Michelle Bachmann first rose to national prominence in 2006 when she was elected to Minnesota’s 6th congressional district for the 110th United States Congress.  In her early years of Congress, she opposed the Iraq troop surge of 2007.  She wanted the President to hold a hearing to explain why we needed a troop surge before voting yes for the resolution.

Conservatives for Michelle Bachmann love that she is not afraid to speak her mind.  Unlike many of the political figures in the federal government, Bachmann has strong views on most conservative issues.  In 2007, she opposed the higher education finance bill.  She felt that the bill favored government run lending programs and did not include cation financing.

Michelle Bachmann views on oil exploration

Conservatives for Michelle Bachmann love her strong views on gas and oil exploration.  When gas prices spiked at over $4 per gallon in 2008, Bachmann was one of the leading voices for expanding oil exploration in the United States.  She also believes that global warming is a hoax.  This is in stark contrast with her GOP opponent Mitt Romney, who recently proclaimed that “I believe the world’s getting warmer…I believe that humans contribute to that.”  She may be able to garner a lot of support among conservatives for her views on this issue.

Conservatives for Michelle Bachmann believe she can win the GOP nomination.  Based on her voting history and her Christian background, she is a strong conservative candidate.  I think that conservatives for Michelle Bachmann have a good chance to see her nominated as the GOP candidate for 2011.