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Can Newt Gingrich Beat Obama in 2012

So…can Newt Gingrich Beat Obama in 2012? With Gingrich surging in the polls for the second time in the GOP primaries, many conservatives and moderates are asking themselves this same question.  Many independents and liberal moderates are voting for anyone but Obama, and whoever wins the nomination for the GOP has the best chance to get Obama out of office.

Can Newt Gingrich beat Obama?  If he is going to beat him, he needs to win the GOP nomination first.  The latest polling data shows that Gingrich has a strong chance to win.  Romney is picking up most of the moderate vote in the primaries, and the conservatives are split between Santorum and Gingrich.  Paul is getting the independent vote, but Paul hasn’t shown any ability to significantly increase his popularity in the race.  Santorum will eventually drop out of the race, and that means most of his support will go to Gingrich.  Even with Santorum still in the race, Gingrich won the Republican primary by a healthy margin in South Carolina, so the prospect of Santorum dropping out only makes his chances look better.

The only way Gingrich loses the nomination is because of the baggage from his past.  It is in the best interest of the Republicans for all of the skeletons to come out of Newt’s closet now!  We need Gingrich to be fully vetted so that his campaign cannot be derailed when he is running against Obama this year.

With all of that said, I believe Newt can win the nomination.  Can Newt Gingrich beat Obama?  If Obama’s approval ratings remain low, I believe Newt has a great chance to beat him.  People are fed up with Obama.  They are broke and need work.  Obama is not encouraging new jobs through the private sector.  His union supporters wanted the Keystone XL pipeline, but the Obama administration rejected the proposal.  He is simply not making too many friends among independents that are key to his reelection campaign, and that means Gingrich has a good chance to win should he get the nomination.

Can Newt Gingrich Beat Obama in 2012

Newt can win against Obama because he is a fighter.  He has shown this in the debates the last few weeks.  When his 2nd ex-wife Marianne accused Newt of wanting a 2nd marriage, Newt didn’t flinch.  When he was asked about it at the beginning of the debate, he responded strongly that the allegations aren’t true and reprimanded the media for starting a debate with a personal question about his past.  Even if he is confronted with other issues in the future, he showed that he can handle criticism well.

Gingrich has shown time and time again that he is the best candidate to debate against Obama in the general elections.  He always does well in the debates, and his poll numbers always seem to rise after every GOP debate.  He is not seen as a nice guy like Romney, and that could help him in working with foreign countries over security issues.

Gingrich has what it takes to become the next President of the United States.  Can Newt Gingrich beat Obama in 2012?  Yes he can!


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Is Newt Gingrich Gaining Momentum In the Race

Is Newt Gingrich gaining momentum in the 2012 election race?  It certainly appears so.  Gingrich had a stellar performance in the Monday night South Carolina debate earlier this week, and he is getting more and more attention from conservatives and moderates.  Moderates like his positions on healthcare and his famous TV ad with Nancy Pelosi, and conservatives like his policies on balancing the budget.  While the evangelicals are still uncomfortable with his moral background and three marriages, there is definitely growing support for Newt Gingrich.

The biggest question is whether Gingrich can survive the criticism from his remaining challengers.  Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul all figure to challenge him on his ethics and past judgment errors in the coming weeks and months.  Santorum will argue that he is the most conservative candidate remaining, and he is probably right.  Ron Paul will argue that he can stick to the constitutional laws more than any other candidate, and he is probably right about that too.  Romney can argue that he is more conservative on religious issues despite the fact that he is a Mormon.  While Christians are largely uncomfortable with his Mormon beliefs, they are even more unhappy with Gingrich and his infidelity issues.

Polls in recent days are showing that Gingrich may even be in the lead in South Carolina.  He responded very well when he was asked about his marriage to his 2nd wife at the beginning of the 2nd South Caroline debate.  Even under intense media scrutiny, he responded in a way that is sure to win him some votes moving forward.

As for the people who won’t vote for Gingrich because of his adultery, I don’t believe anything that Gingrich might say in the South Carolina debate would change their minds.  Gingrich didn’t lose any votes by what he said because his opponents already won’t vote for him for ethical reasons.

Is Newt Gingrich gaining momentum in the GOP race?  I believe that he is, and I believe other candidates are gaining momentum too against Romney.  We’ll see what happens in South Carolina, Florida, and the other upcoming primary elections.