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What Does Michele Bachmann Stand For – Understanding What Bachmann Believes

Learn the rest of what does Michele Bachmann believe?!

What does Michele Bachmann stand for?  What does Michele Bachmann believe?  This is the question that many Republicans are asking right now as the Republican primaries heat up.  Over the next few months, voters will begin learning all about the Republican candidates so that we know where they stand on the major issues of the campaign.

One of the things you do not want to do is to assume that you know how one of the candidates feels about a specific issue based on what the news media says.  The news media tends to distort the facts, so you should do your own research.  Luckily, I have already done all the hard work for you!

Let’s discuss where Michele Bachmann stands on the issues.

Michele Bachmann stands for energy exploration

Bachmann believes that we need to become less dependent on foreign oil.  She believes our country should invest resources into finding more oil and other resources.  She would vote for most energy exploration initiatives, and she is not hung up on theories like global warming and limited energy resources.

Bachmann also feels that we should also explore other energy resources like nuclear power, solar, and wind power.  She thinks that the Environmental Protection Agency should not have as much power to restrict the exploration of new energy resources within our borders.

Bachmann has also taken a stand for traditional light bulbs.  She introduced the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act in Congress.  This bill would have required the Government Accountability Office to prove that the new fluorescent bulbs have clear benefits over traditional light bulbs, and it would have also required that they are safe to use in homes.

Global Warming Position

Unlike her GOP rival Mitt Romney, she does not support global warming initiatives.  She believes the whole movement is a scam, and she would definitely vote to eliminate restrictions that have been made based on the theories of global warming.

Bachmann stand on gay marriage amendment

Bachmann definitely wants to see an amendment to the Constitution banning same-sex marriages.  She would veto any legislation supporting gay marriage or other homosexual agendas.

Her Christian heritage

Bachmann is a Christian, and it appears she bases her beliefs on Christian values.  She is not afraid to share her faith with others.  As of 2011, her family has been attending Eagle Brook Church, which is a church close to her home.  Bachman graduated with a J.D. degree from Oral Roberts University in 1987.  Oral Roberts University is a fundamental Christian school founded by the late Oral Roberts.  She was also part of the faculty that moved Oral Roberts law school to Virginia to begin Regent University.

Foreign policy views

Bachmann believes that security in Israel is important for our foreign policy affairs.  She would support strong military action if it is necessary in the Middle East.  She has stated that did not necessarily agree with the Iraq troop surge of 2007, as she believes the public needed more information to justify our case for sending more troops into Iraq.

If you really want to learn what does Michele Bachmann stand for, you can look at her voting history to see what Bachmann believes on all of the major issues.