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Obama Administration Accomplishments – The Truth About His Policies

There are many Obama administration accomplishments which I believe are not accomplishments at all.  It is true that he has been able to push through many new policies and agendas since he was elected in 2008, but I can’t see how any of these new policies are benefiting anyone in the United States.  He is destroying the private sector by pushing through many new hidden taxes and fees.  Corporate America doesn’t know what to make of the new healthcare laws.  Almost anyone can enter the continental United States through Mexico or Canada.

Myth #1:  Obama fixed the healthcare system with ObamaCare.

Of all of the Obama administration accomplishments, this single new bill has the potential to completely destroy the United States economy.  Our economy cannot handle all of the extra fees and regulations that this bill requires.  In the end, everyone is going to pay more for healthcare than what they are paying now.

There are several provisions within the law that are going to severely hamper our quality of life.  The law states that all adults under the age of 26 must be covered under their parent’s policy if they don’t have health insurance.  Most insurance companies only cover youth over the age of 18 if they are in college.  This new law will encourage adults to stay in college for a few more years since they won’t have to pay for healthcare.  The new healthcare law requires businesses to provide healthcare to all employees or pay a penalty.

ObamaCare also requires that all children be covered under any policy without regard for pre-existing conditions.  In order for health insurance companies to be able to provide this coverage, they have to drastically increase their rates.  Large corporations and small businesses will not be able to pay these new higher insurance rates, so they will drop healthcare coverage and pay the penalty fees for not providing insurance for their employees.  Of all of the Obama administration accomplishments, this has had one of the biggest effects on the economy today.

Myth #2:  Obama is protecting us from another oil spill with the drilling moratorium in the Gulf.

This is just another way to artificially regulate our energy prices.  He says that he is trying to protect us from destroying our Gulf shores, but he is giving billions of dollars to George Soros to drill for oil in Venezuela.  If he really cared about protecting the environment, he wouldn’t be supporting oil drilling in other countries.  There are enough oil reserves within the United States for us not to be dependent on oil reserves from other countries.  Of all of the Obama administration accomplishments, this is causing us the most number of issues.

Myth #3:  Obama created many jobs with his economic stimulus package.

Obama’s stimulus package has not resulted in more jobs.  The unemployment rate is above 9%, and the total number of jobs has decreased steadily in the last few years.  Many experts estimate that the real unemployment rate is much higher than 9%, and it does not take into account the people that have stopped looking for work.   The failure of the stimulus package to create jobs has caused the Fed to print billions of new dollars in an attempt to stimulate the economy.  This has caused the value of the dollar to fall, and this has resulted in higher gas prices too.

There are many other Obama administration accomplishments that have put the United States on the wrong track.  The military did capture Osama Bin Laden under Obama’s watch, but former President Bush set these events into motion.