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What Is Obama’s Approval Rating and What This Means for 2012

What is Obama’s approval rating?  At the time of this writing, his approval rating is sitting at 43% according to the latest Gallup polls.  His rating has stayed relatively the same over the last couple months since he hit new lows in late summer.  Most polls show him polling in the high 30s or low 40s, and this is pretty low for a President who is running for reelection next year.  His policies have been widely unpopular among many people for many months now.  Many steadfast Democrats are sticking by Obama, but many of his detractors believe he is vulnerable in the 2012 elections.

What Is Obama's Approval number

There are many reasons why his poll numbers are so low.  The biggest reason his poll numbers are so low is because of the stagnant economy.  People are out of work.  They have seen their retirement accounts evaporate.  Some people who are retired from companies with pensions have seen their pensions disappear into thin air as some businesses go under.  While some people still have jobs, they may be underemployed or simply not making as much since the recession hit.

To make matters worse, the same people who aren’t making as much money may be stuck in a house they can’t sell because they are underwater on their mortgage.  The housing market is another big reason why Obama has a low approval rating.  It is estimated that one out of every four mortgages is underwater today, and that means many people don’t have the buying power that they had years ago.  This also means that people that need to have the flexibility to relocate won’t be able to move, and this puts many construction workers out of work too.

What is Obama’s approval rating going to be if he gets reelected in 2012?  It will continue to be low if the threat of higher taxes and new healthcare regulations continue to hinder small business growth.  It is estimated that there are billions of dollars that are not being invested in the United States economy today because corporations don’t know what the economic landscape is going to be a year from now or two years from now.  Congress keeps passing new economic resolutions instead of passing a finalized budget, so the waters are murky for corporations trying to make business decisions for the future.

The new healthcare laws are also hurting Obama’s approval ratings.  There are considerable questions about how many of the new regulations will actually go into effect, so businesses are very hesitant to hire new workers.  They don’t understand how much more expensive it will be to pay the healthcare costs for all of their employees.

As far as the 2012 elections are concerned, the eventual GOP nominee is going to have an excellent chance to unseat Obama if his approval ratings continue to be low.  If the elections were today, many of the exit polls suggest Obama could lose in a landslide defeat.  What is Obama’s approval rating going to be in 2012?  Once 2012 arrives, we should have a better indication of whether he can win a 2nd term.


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