Mitt Romney vs. Obama – Polls Seem To Be Tightening in the Swing States

25 Jul

With the November elections approaching quickly, it appears that Romney has a great chance to stage an upset in the 2012 elections.  The latest Mitt Romney vs. Obama polls are showing that races are tightening in many of the swing states. Here is a summary of what is happening in the swing states today:

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The latest Rasmussen poll shows that Obama gets 47% of the vote, while Romney gets 46% of the vote.  Obama was up by as much as 10 points several months ago, and there is still time for Romney to gain more support in this important swing state.

Mitt Romney vs Obama


Rasmussen is reporting a six point advantage for Obama in the July 23 poll.  Obama receives 48% vs. Romney 42%.  This contradicts other polling data which has suggested that Romney has a chance to win Michigan too.


According to Rasmussen polling data for the week of July 19, Obama is leading in Ohio with a 47% to 45% advantage over Romney.  Ohio went to Obama in 2008, but it has gone to Republican candidates in elections before 2008.

North Carolina

The state of North Carolina has been leaning toward Romney for months.  Romney leads Obama 47% to 44% in the latest polls.  President Obama’s open support of gay marriage is not helping him in this state.


Florida has been a tossup state for years, and it is famous for the Bush vs. Gore election in 2000.  Rasmussen polling states Romney leads Obama 46% to 45% in the state, so the winner here is anyone’s guess this time around.


Iowa is also close, as Romney leads Obama by just one percentage point in the Rasmussen poll with a 47 to 46 margin in the state.


Governor Scott Walker has made Wisconsin a winnable state for the Republicans by surviving a recall election and taking the right steps to get the Wisconsin state budget under control.  Rasmussen reports that Romney has a three point lead in Wisconsin.


In one of the closest races of all, Obama and Romney are in a statistical dead heat at 45% each.  This will be an interesting race to watch in the coming months.

Mitt Romney vs. Obama will continue to develop in the coming months, but these numbers do not bode well for Obama’s reelection changes.  Undecided voters tend to go for the other candidate in 60% of cases, so Romney will likely gain more ground in the coming weeks.



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