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Can Mitt Romney beat Obama in 2012

With Romney dominating in the polls, many people are now asking can Mitt Romney beat Obama in 2012?  Based on all of the latest polling data from Rasmussen, Gallup, and other reputable agencies, it certainly appears that Romney has a great chance to win this year.  The other GOP candidates seem to be falling by the wayside, and recent polls show that Romney’s lead continues to grow.

At the time of this writing, the latest polls show him going into the South Carolina primaries with a 21 point lead.  Romney is up 37 to 16 percent.  Ron Paul and Rick Santorum both received 16% of the votes in the poll.  Gingrich and Perry are pretty much out of contention in the latest polls, as they are getting single digit support in most upcoming primary polls.

It seems the real question now is can Mitt Romney beat Obama in 2012?  Romney is the only candidate who has statistically had strong support throughout the primary process, and he also is going to get more support from liberals. Here are some reasons why I believe Romney can beat Obama in 2012.

Obama’s Low Approval Numbers

President Obama’s approval numbers continue to be pretty weak.  He is having a hard time gaining the same support he got in 2008.  The traditional liberals are still supporting President Obama, but many people within his party are ready to abandon him.  Many Democrats voted for him because they thought he would make life better for them.  Other people wanted him to win because they knew he would support their special interests.  Unfortunately, many people are in worse financial shape now than they were in 2008.  They can’t find a job now, and they can’t pay their bills.  Many people who supported Obama four years ago won’t support him now because they don’t feel Obama has fulfilled his promises to them.


Even though years have passed since the law was approved, the majority of people in the United States are still strongly against ObamaCare.  People now know what is in this bill, and they do not like what they see.  Many doctors who own private practices are getting out of the business because they can’t make as much money anymore.  The new healthcare laws are having an extremely negative effect on employers’ hiring, as they are still trying to make sense of all of the new fees they will face as the new laws go into effect over the next couple years.

Senior citizens are worried they aren’t going to be able to get the healthcare that they need when they get sick, as ObamaCare seems destined to drive many doctors out of medicine and into other careers.

Romney is going to get the majority of the independent voters to vote for him. 

Part of the reason that Romney is strong is because it appears he is going to get a large percentage of the independent vote this year.  Independents can swing the vote either direction as they are the people that Romney and Obama will cater to in order to get their votes in 2012.   Most polling data already suggests that independents don’t like Obama today, and that bodes well for Romney’s chances of beating Obama in 2012.

Can Mitt Romney beat Obama in 2012?  I think he can and he may win if he can keep the momentum going in 2012.