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Mitt Romney Jobs Plan – His Ideas to Create Jobs

Learn more about the Mitt Romney Jobs Plan!

Just recently, former Governor Romney came out with the Mitt Romney jobs plan!  Romney unveiled his detailed 59 points job plan to supporters to coincide with Obama’s new plan to encourage job creation in the United States.  He has repeatedly stated that Obama doesn’t know the first thing about job creation as he has never worked in the private sector. Romney further points out that he has worked in the private sector for much of his career, which is unlike his current GOP rival Rick Perry.  Rick Perry has been governor of Texas for 10 years, and he worked in the public sector for many years before becoming governor.

Mitt Romney Jobs Plan

Here are some of the highlights of the Mitt Romney jobs plan.  Romney has stated he will issue several executive orders as soon as he becomes President of the United States.  The first executive order will be to end Obamacare.  He believes that states should have the power to make decisions regarding health care decisions.  He will immediately request the Secretary of Health and Human Services to return all authority back to the states so they can make their own decisions regarding health care. 

Romney recognizes the biggest negative against him are his actions in passing Romneycare when he was the Governor of Massachusetts.  He needs to end any speculation that his past history in Massachusetts with healthcare will affect his position on Obamacare.  This executive order should relieve GOP voters fears that Romney might leave Obamacare in place if he is elected. 

The Mitt Romney jobs plan will end red tape that burdens the United States economy in job creation.  All of the new Obama era regulations will be eliminated immediately.  It will also cap regulatory costs increases at $0 so that businesses will be incentivized to create new jobs. 

Many voters are concerned about energy production.  In an effort to produce more energy and create jobs, Romney will issue an executive order to rapidly increase the issuance of drilling permits so that the United States can increase oil production immediately.  This should appeal to most Americans who are tired of paying high prices at the pump. 

The Mitt Romney jobs plan states there will be an executive order to sanction China for unfair trade practices.  Romney wants to make trade with China more competitive, and this can only be a good thing for all Americans. 

Romney will reverse the Obama policy of favoring organized labor through hiring unionized workers for government construction projects.  This will make it easier for small businesses to be awarded government projects instead of unions and large corporations who will likely support President Obama. 

These are the five executive orders that Romney would put into place on day one of his administration, so this means we would not have to wait years for any of these regulations to be passed.  There are many other issues that Romney would like to get pushed through Congress.  Romney would encourage the legislative branch to pass a tax bill to get the corporate income tax rate down to 25 %.  He wants to create free trade agreements with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.  He wants to encourage Congress to pass a more complete domestic energy plan to expand oil exploration and drilling. 

This is just a small summary of what Romney would do as the next President of the United States.  The Mitt Romney jobs plan appears to be a great alternative to anything Obama has proposed as President!

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