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Who Is Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Going To Be

As the election draws closer with each passing day, many people are asking “Who is Mitt Romney’s running mate going to be?”   The right candidate could help Romney win the election in November, but the wrong candidate won’t help him at all, or it could even hurt his bid.  Sarah Palin initially helped energize John McCain’s campaign in 2008, but once the novelty of her historic selection wore off, most voters were apathetic about the Republican VP.

It was recently reported that Romney might select a female Vice President candidate, but I’m not so sure that is what Republicans want.  Who are the most like running mates for Mitt Romney?

Paul Ryan
Ryan is a rising star in the Republican Party. He is the chair of the House Budget Committee. He is from Wisconsin, and that means he can help bring the Wisconsin votes to Romney. He has introduced his own version of a budget plan as a response to the failed budget plan of President Barack Obama. He is a Roman Catholic. He voted for the Iraq War resolutions, and in 2010, he was voted the ninth most influential conservative Republican by The Daily Telegraph. He is strong on military spending, and he would vote to cut back on government subsidy programs.

Jeb Bush
Is Jeb Bush going to be Romney’s running mate? It is entirely possible, as the younger Bush has been reported to be one of the people Romney is considering as his running mate. He obviously has the Presidential blood in his genes, but his family association might not do Romney any favors for people who are tired of the Bush legacy.

Jeb Bush is from Florida, which is one of the swing states, so the idea is that he may be able to swing the Florida electoral votes in Romney’s favor. Overall, Jeb Bush is likely a long-shot for the Republican VP selection.

Marco Rubio
He is the junior Senator from Florida, so this makes him a popular choice in a swing state for Romney. He is extremely popular in the Tea Party movement, as many conservatives probably wish he could have won the Republican nomination for the 2012 election. He favors reducing the size of government, and while he served in the Florida House of Representatives, he wanted a major overhaul of the Florida tax system. He publically states he doesn’t want to be the VP candidate with Romney, but the Romney camp would love to have him as a running mate.

Who Is Mitt Romney's Running Mate Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice
Romney is rumored to be selecting a woman for the VP slot, so Rice’s name has to be mentioned. She is easily the most well-known female Republican who hasn’t already run for VP, and she could drive more votes from the black community. She would negate the race card that many liberals use against conservatives. Rice is a popular candidate, but she has also publically stated she doesn’t want to run.

These are just some of the candidates who could become Romney’s running mate. Who is Mitt Romney’s running mate going to be? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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