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What Does Newt Gingrich Stand For – Understanding What He Believes On the Issues We Care About

What does Newt Gingrich stand for?  Gingrich has been in American politics for decades.  He has served as Speaker of the House, and he is also famous for the document Contract with America, which was made famous in the 1994 Congregational Elections.  The Contract with America was a policy proposal by Republicans that outlined how they would change the government if they were elected the majority party in the US House of Representatives.  It talked about lowering taxes, stimulating business growth, and lowering taxes.  Newt Gingrich is most associated with the document, and it serves to help voters understand what does Newt Gingrich believe on the issues that matter to him!

This is where Gingrich stands on the major issues leading up to the 2012 elections:


He supports public school prayer.  He feels that schools should compete for students just like businesses compete for customers. He feels teachers should have to compete with each other too.  Gingrich feels education is one of the keys to getting the country back on solid ground.


Gingrich feels we should have low taxes.  He is opposed to increasing taxes on the rich, and he feels the corporate tax rate in the United States is too high.  He wants to do away with the corporate tax rate, and he also wants to eliminate the inheritance tax.  For conservatives and Republicans that favor lower taxes, they like what Gingrich stands for on these issues.


Gingrich is all about limited government.  He feels that the government intrudes in our lives too much, and he feels that we should get the government out of our lives as much as possible.


On the environment, New Gingrich is in tune with the issues of the day more than most of the GOP candidates.  He used to teach an environmental studies class at West Georgia College.  He also co-authored a book with Terry Maple called A Contract With the Earth.  He is a strong proponent of green technology and energy conservation.  He also feels the government should incentivize people with monetary prizes and tax incentives to come up with new innovative ways to generate alternative energy sources.  He does not believe man is responsible for climate change, but he would support carbon emissions regulations.

What Does Newt Gingrich stand for

Health Care

What does Newt Gingrich stand for on healthcare?  He is against Obamacare, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  He feels Americans should have the right to make their own decisions on their healthcare needs.  He believes ObamaCare is unconstitutional and should be repealed by the United States House of Representatives.  He feels everyone should have to contribute to the healthcare system in some form.


To help stimulate job growth, Gingrich supports major tax cuts including a 50 percent reduction in payroll taxes, a 12.5% jobless rate, and several other taxes too.

He also wants to stimulate job growth by providing other market incentives to businesses to encourage growth in the United States economy.

If you want to know what does Newt Gingrich stand for, just look at his long history in the United States government.  His views have not changed, as he still supports many of the same positions he held in the 1980s working with President Ronald Reagan.  He would be a good candidate for the GOP, but he has a lot of personal baggage from his failed marriages that could hold him back against President Obama.


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