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Who Will Win the 2012 Presidential Debates?

In your opinion, who will win the 2012 presidential debates? If you ask anyone at CNN, they will tell you that Obama already has this election wrapped up.  CNN recently conducted a poll asking their readers who they think will win the first presidential debate October 3, and not surprisingly, their readers believe Obama is going to win the debates.  59% of people in their survey believe Obama is likely to do better than Romney in the debates, while another 34% believe that Romney can win these debates.

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These numbers don’t make any sense.  Romney has recent debate experience.  He has extensive debate experience from his time running in the Republican primaries, and if he didn’t know how to debate, he would not have won the Republican nomination.  The facts suggest that Romney has an excellent chance to win the presidential debates.

Who Will Win the 2012 Presidential Debates

The first debate is supposed to focus on economic issues, and President Obama is especially vulnerable in this area.  Unemployment rates are up since 2008.  The President rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline, and this could have created millions of jobs for Americans.  Major defense cuts that are going to take effect at the beginning of 2013 could lay off up to 2.14 million American workers.  This number includes people who work directly for the Federal Government, as well as private contractors who have contracts with the defense department who will be out of work too if the Federal Government lays off their other workers.

Mitt Romney should also focus on the looming new taxes that are set to begin January 1.  Sure, the Bush-era tax cuts are set to expire, but then there are all of the new Obamacare taxes too.  The Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional simply because it is indeed a tax, so Romney can go after Obama on this.  It has been estimated that the average American family will be paying thousands of dollars per year in additional taxes, and Romney has failed to go after Obama on these issues.

Since Romney should bring up Obamacare and the coinciding taxes in the debates, he can talk about the new healthcare law too.  Polls still show that a majority of Americans oppose the new healthcare law, and voting for Romney gives Americans one last chance to overturn the legislation.  Mitt Romney has not addressed Obamacare as often as expected, and he could win more votes by simply reminding Americans that he will push to repeal Obamacare if he is elected President of the United States.

While some people believe he will push to repeal the new healthcare laws, many conservatives already believe it is too late to make a difference.  Romney needs to tell his base again that he will make the sacrifices that are needed to make the United States a great country again.

Lastly, Romney needs to try to dispel the notion among liberals that the economy is growing again.  Statistics suggest otherwise, but most liberals actually believe the economy is improving.  This could not be any further from the truth.  The statistics clearly show that the economy is barely growing, and we may actually be entering a double dip recession.



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Latest Rasmussen Polls Show President Obama Could Win In November

The latest Rasmussen Polls are not particularly encouraging for Mitt Romney supporters.  While Mitt Romney has led in the daily Presidential tracking polls for the last several days after the fade of the Democrat convention bounce, he is trailing slightly in some of the key battleground states.

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There are several toss-up states that are going to determine this election.  The other states have been virtually decided.  The magic number to win the presidency is 270 electoral college votes.  It appears that Obama already has 247 Electoral College votes that should go in his favor.  Romney already has 196 electoral college votes that are secure.  There are a total of 95 toss-up votes that could go in either direction.

Latest Rasmussen Polls


Colorado is in a dead heat right now, with both candidates polling at 47%.  The state of Colorado is worth 9 votes.  Romney needs Colorado to win the presidency.


Florida is worth 29 Electoral College votes.  It is worth more than any of the other states, and the state is crucial for both candidates.  Romney can’t win the election without carrying Florida.  President Obama leads Romney 48% to 46% in the most recent Rasmussen poll dated September 13.  President Obama closes the deal if he can keep his lead in Florida.  Romney could win every other toss-up state


Romney has retaken the lead in Missouri.  He leads Obama by three points with a 48% to 45% advantage in the state.  Missouri is worth 10 votes, and Romney has led in most polls, so we expect this state to go to Romney.


This state used to lean Republican, but it went to Obama in 2008.  Virginia is worth 13 electoral college votes, and Obama leads Romney 49% to 48% right now.  Romney probably can’t win the presidency without Virginia, so he needs to spend more time in Virginia.


Like Virginia, this race is extremely close.  At 18 electoral college votes, Romney must win this state too.  Obama leads Romney 47% to 46%.  With less than two months to go before the election, Romney has a lot of work to do to win Ohio.


Wisconsin is worth 10 electoral college votes.  Romney leads Obama by 1% in Wisconsin.  In July, Obama was ahead of Romney 3%, but this changed once Paul Ryan was selected as Romney’s running mate.  Ryan is from Wisconsin, and Romney probably won’t win the presidency without winning the state of Wisconsin.


Iowa is worth six votes, and Romney leads Obama 46% to 44%.  This state is important to the candidates, but it is not worth as much as the other swing states.

Overall, it is possible that Romney could win the popular vote, but lose the electoral college vote.  He is going to have to win Virginia, Ohio, and Florida to have any chance to win the presidency.  If the elections were held today, President Obama would likely win a 2nd term.


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Who Is Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Going To Be

As the election draws closer with each passing day, many people are asking “Who is Mitt Romney’s running mate going to be?”   The right candidate could help Romney win the election in November, but the wrong candidate won’t help him at all, or it could even hurt his bid.  Sarah Palin initially helped energize John McCain’s campaign in 2008, but once the novelty of her historic selection wore off, most voters were apathetic about the Republican VP.

It was recently reported that Romney might select a female Vice President candidate, but I’m not so sure that is what Republicans want.  Who are the most like running mates for Mitt Romney?

Paul Ryan
Ryan is a rising star in the Republican Party. He is the chair of the House Budget Committee. He is from Wisconsin, and that means he can help bring the Wisconsin votes to Romney. He has introduced his own version of a budget plan as a response to the failed budget plan of President Barack Obama. He is a Roman Catholic. He voted for the Iraq War resolutions, and in 2010, he was voted the ninth most influential conservative Republican by The Daily Telegraph. He is strong on military spending, and he would vote to cut back on government subsidy programs.

Jeb Bush
Is Jeb Bush going to be Romney’s running mate? It is entirely possible, as the younger Bush has been reported to be one of the people Romney is considering as his running mate. He obviously has the Presidential blood in his genes, but his family association might not do Romney any favors for people who are tired of the Bush legacy.

Jeb Bush is from Florida, which is one of the swing states, so the idea is that he may be able to swing the Florida electoral votes in Romney’s favor. Overall, Jeb Bush is likely a long-shot for the Republican VP selection.

Marco Rubio
He is the junior Senator from Florida, so this makes him a popular choice in a swing state for Romney. He is extremely popular in the Tea Party movement, as many conservatives probably wish he could have won the Republican nomination for the 2012 election. He favors reducing the size of government, and while he served in the Florida House of Representatives, he wanted a major overhaul of the Florida tax system. He publically states he doesn’t want to be the VP candidate with Romney, but the Romney camp would love to have him as a running mate.

Who Is Mitt Romney's Running Mate Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice
Romney is rumored to be selecting a woman for the VP slot, so Rice’s name has to be mentioned. She is easily the most well-known female Republican who hasn’t already run for VP, and she could drive more votes from the black community. She would negate the race card that many liberals use against conservatives. Rice is a popular candidate, but she has also publically stated she doesn’t want to run.

These are just some of the candidates who could become Romney’s running mate. Who is Mitt Romney’s running mate going to be? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Predictions for 2012 Presidential Election – Possible Scenarios in the Presidential Elections

At the time of this writing, it is still pretty early in the race for the presidency.  As far as the predictions for 2012 Presidential election results, there are several scenarios that could play out this year.  President Obama is going to run for President again, and at the time of this writing, Mitt Romney appears to have the presidential nomination locked up for the Republican Party.  As a result, we will assume these are the main candidates.

I am going to make several major predictions for the 2012 presidential election.  One of these will come true!

Prediction 1:  Obama could win in a landslide victory.

It seems like this is not even possible right now, but I do believe that Barack Obama could win re-election in 2012 by a huge margin.  We have already seen how candidates can quickly gain and lose momentum in the Republican primaries.  Probably the best example we have seen of how this can happen is with Herman Cain.  When the Republican debates first started, Cain’s popularity exploded.  He led in the polls for a short time, and then the allegations of sexual harassment and affairs started popping up.  Within weeks, Cain was out of the race.

If Romney’s financial records are released in the spring, and there are any major inconsistencies within his tax returns, then he could lose a lot of support within his own party.

The other major issue is that Romney is much more moderate than most of the other Republican challengers.  When conservatives learn that Romney has supported many liberal causes throughout his history, there are going to be many more conservative Republicans who refuse to vote for him in the elections.

Prediction 2: Obama wins after a third party splits the Republican vote.

Of all of the predictions for the 2012 presidential election, this frightens Republicans the most.  Romney is simply not a strong conservative candidate.  He does not get the conservative base excited, and the Tea Party does not support him either.  As a result, the odds of getting a third party candidate are increasing by the day.

Ron Paul has refused to completely rule out the possibility of running as a third party candidate.  He ran in 2008 as a third party candidate, and he could run again.  Paul has more support than he had in 2008, and that means he could seriously damage the chances of a Republican winning the presidency in 2012.

Prediction 3: Romney wins because of the economy

The jobs numbers and other economic data will play a major role in whether Obama gets reelected at the end of the year.  With high unemployment numbers, he will have a hard time convincing Americans that he knows how to turn around the economy.  Blaming Bush is not going to help him win this time.  Romney is going to get a lot of people to vote for him simply because they are voting for “anyone but Obama”.

Prediction 4: Romney wins because another candidate runs against Obama.

Obama is a weak candidate too.  It is entirely possible that someone else could split the Democrat ticket.  If someone splits the Democrat ticket, then the election victory goes to Romney.

These are my predictions for the 2012 presidential election.  One of these scenarios will happen!


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