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What Does Ron Paul Stand For – What Does Ron Paul Believe?

What does Ron Paul stand for

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Many conservatives know what Mitt Romney stands for, but what does Ron Paul stand for?  What does Ron Paul believe?  Ron Paul is a different kind of Republican.  He often leans more as a libertarian candidate than as a Republican.   He does not fit all of the standard GOP positions, but he is strong on issues that matter to most Republicans.  He is most well-known for his positions on military and the economy, and many people like what he says.  He is the candidate most likely to run as a third party candidate if he doesn’t win the GOP nomination.  This could be detrimental to the likely Republican nominee if he pulls too much support from the elected Presidential candidate.

So…do you want to know what does Ron Paul stand for?  Here we go!

Ron Paul on states’ rights

Ron Paul is a strong supporter of states’ rights.  He believes that the states should be much more powerful than they are today.  He believes the individual states should be able to make their own decisions regarding any social matters that are not explicitly directed by the constitution.  He thinks the death penalty should be regulated by the states.  He also believes the states should make their own decisions about education and marriage too.  He even believes states should be able to make their own decisions regarding drug use like medical marijuana.

Ron Paul economic policy

If you want to know what does Ron Paul stand for, you first need to know where he stands on economic policies.  Ron Paul has written six books on Austrian school economics.  Paul always votes against tax increases.  Ron Paul is against raising taxes under any circumstances.  He even feels that the country should abolish the state income tax, and he believes this can be done if we scale back the spending in the Federal government to 2000 levels.  Ron Paul gets a lot of support for his positions on the economy.

He believes that the Federal Reserve should be abolished.  He does not believe that the country should return to the gold standard, but he is very concerned about inflation, and he is often known as an inflation hawk. He has been warning about the threats of hyperinflation since 1981.

Ron Paul Social Views on Abortion and Gay Marriage

Paul is a pro-life supporter.  He spoke at the National Right to Life Committee Convention in 2007. He pushed for legislation that would give states the right to decide if they want to support or oppose abortion laws.  He opposes gay marriage, but he believes states should have the right to decide how to rule on the issue.

Ron Paul Foreign Policy Views

Ron Paul’s views are significantly different than most Republicans on foreign policy matters.  He is a strong supporter of national sovereignty.  He opposed the Iraq War Resolution of 2002.  He does not believe the United States should be involved with the North American Free Trade Agreement, and he believes we should withdraw membership from the United Nations.  He believes strong National sovereignty is more important.  He believes that most of our military resources should be used to enforce border security.  He did support military action against terrorists involved in the September 11th attacks, but he feels the attacks should have been more limited to targeting specific terrorists as opposed to invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

If someone asks you what does Ron Paul stand for, tell them he stands for responsible economic policies, strict interpretations of the Constitution, strong national sovereignty, and limited military involvement outside the United States.  Many people cannot honestly answer what does Ron Paul believe, but he would be an excellent candidate to run against President Obama in 2012.


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