John Roberts Takes His Place in History

28 Jun

Chief Justice John Roberts is a liberal!

The Healthy Skeptic

Chief Justice John Roberts, by siding with the four liberal members of the United States Supreme Court and writing the opinion upholding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), has moved into the history books. A conservative Catholic, Roberts must have struggled with this case, with one shoulder angel urging him to uphold conservative tenets and overturn the law, and the angel on the other side shouting into his other ear that this case would have an importance far beyond today.

Judges are human beings. They all have life experiences that inform their decisions, no matter what they may say about their ability to be completely neutral. But they are also extremely sensitive to their own reputation, and with

Supreme Court justices, with how they will be remembered by historians. Some, like Clarence Thomas, seem deaf and dumb to the rest of the world. Thomas has been embittered…

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