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Michele Bachmann Positions – Where Does She Stand on the Issues?

Do you know where Michele Bachmann positions herself among conservatives?  With her surge in the polls, many people are just learning about her.  There are many strong contenders among the Republican presidential candidates.  2012 is almost here, and Bachmann appears to be one of the strongest candidates.  If you pay attention to the news, you may have heard her name over the years, but you may not know where she stands on the issues.  Let’s take a few minutes to review where she stands on the major issues.

Bachmann Position on Abortion

Bachmann has stated that she is adamantly opposed to abortion.  She believes in the rights of the unborn child, and she is morally opposed to the idea of aborting an unborn child.  In 1976, she joined a pro-life movement where she engaged in sidewalk counseling.  Sidewalk counseling is where pro-life activists will approach women entering an abortion clinic to try to persuade them not to get an abortion.  Bachmann also recently revealed that she had a miscarriage many years ago, and this helped shape her pro-life views.  In recent years, she has publically stated that she would support any bill that supports abortion only in the case of rape or incest.

Bachmann Position on Gay Marriage

Bachmann has a long standing history of supporting marriage as between a man and a woman.  There is no question that she opposes gay marriage.  In 2003 while she was a state senator for Minnesota, she supported a Minnesota constitutional amendment that would prohibit Minnesota from passing laws supporting homosexual marriages.  The proposal never gained enough traction to become law, but she established her formal position on the issue.  Michele Bachmann positions herself well among social conservatives.

Bachmann’s View Regarding the Debt Ceiling

At the time of this writing, Congress is debating whether to raise the debt ceiling.  Bachmann is staunchly opposed to raising the debt ceiling under any conditions.  She believes that it goes against common sense to support raising the debt ceiling.  She believes that there needs to be major cuts in Washington D.C.

Bachmann’s View on the Iraq Troop Surge

Bachmann doesn’t seem to support strong military action in Iraq.  She was opposed to President Bush’s troop surge in Iraq in 2007 because she felt the American public did not have enough information to justify the increase in troops.

Bachmann and other views on foreign policy

She is a strong supporter of Israel.  She believes that we should support Israel first and foremost when it comes to the Middle East.  She believes that diplomacy is an option too, but she doesn’t believe that anything should be taken off the table.

Bachmann on global warming

In her mind, global warming is a scam.  This is important because her major competitor in the 2012 race, Mitt Romney, has stated that he believes in the theory of global warming.

Energy policy views

Bachmann wants to decrease our dependence on foreign energy.  She supports continued oil exploration within our own borders.  She recognizes that we need to spend more time exploring other energy sources like solar, wind, and more nuclear power.

Bachmann is one of the strongest Republican presidential candidates.  2012 is almost here, and she has a great chance to win the nomination.  If you really want to learn the Michele Bachmann positions on all of the important issues, you can find plenty of information on her at leading news and commentary sites.  Not all news sites will portray her in the same light, so keep this in mind as you learn about her.  If you want to understand what both sides think about Bachmann, then you should read news on both conservative and liberal news sites.  Michele Bachmann positions herself as the leading Tea Party candidate, and she could win the election in 2012.