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Rick Perry on Illegal Immigration – The Tea Party Might Not Like Him When They Hear About This

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Many conservatives are not happy with Rick Perry on illegal immigration policies.  While Texans have known for years that Governor Perry is soft on illegal immigration, the rest of the country is learning where he stands now.  Moderates and conservatives strongly support Perry in the recent polls, but conservatives may hold off on supporting him if they know how he really votes on immigration issues.

Here is what you need to know about Rick Perry on illegal immigration issues.

Texas Dream Act

This is one of the most controversial aspects of his agenda.  The Texas Dream Act makes it possible for children of illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition rates for college when they graduate from high school.  This legislation was passed in 2001 by Rick Perry, and he actively campaigned for the legislation and eagerly signed it when it became law.  This is troubling for Tea Party supporters.

Perry has already been questioned about this bill in a recent interview in New Hampshire Leader Union.  He does not regret his stance on this issue, and he says he would still support this bill if it came up for a vote again today.  While you have to admire Perry’s unwavering support of an issue that may backfire on him, this is still troubling for many conservatives in the party.

Illegal immigrants are also eligible for minority benefits that many white students are not eligible for.  Out of state students who want to attend Texas schools have to pay higher tuition rates than illegal immigrants who don’t pay taxes.  Something doesn’t seem right about this.

Border Fence

The governor has been clear on his position regarding the border fence being built.  He opposes building the fence to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country.  For people who live outside Texas, this is a pretty tough position to understand.  If you support immigration through the traditional process, then you should support building a fence keeping people out of the United States.  If you are concerned about national security issues, you should want the fence!

Perry has repeatedly stated that he is tough on border security, but it is hard to defend his position when he doesn’t want the border fence.

E-Verify System

The E-Verify system is a system where federal contractors are required to check all US workers to make sure they are verified to work in the United States.  Perry has been opposed to the E-Verify system because he doesn’t feel it would make that much difference in companies hiring illegal workers for their workforce.

Trans-Texas Corridor

The governor is in favor of the Trans-Texas Corridor.  This is the proposed super highway that would connect Mexico, the United States, and Canada with one super highway running through Texas.  This would promote illegal immigration for sure as it would be easier for illegals to cross the border.

I may not like Rick Perry on illegal immigration issues, but I believe that most Tea Party voters will still vote for Perry if he wins the nomination for the GOP.  They realize that he is probably the only chance we have to get Obama out of office after 2012.