04 Jun

Maybe the media is finally starting to catch on!

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Barack Pinocchio Obama

Facts are Stubborn Things

 by  Fred Barnes    at  the Weekly Standard:

Are the media beginning to catch on to President Obama? The answer is a tentative yes. This doesn’t mean the press is softening its hostility to Mitt Romney. Heaven forbid! But at least for now Obama is getting razzed by the very people who used to uphold and defend him.

Barack Pinocchio Obama Gary Locke

It’s about time. Obama and his team have been playing the media for fools. Think of the stories the White House has foisted on them (and some have bought). Obama secretly favors the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction plan. The Republican landslide in 2010 was consistent with Obama’s election in 2008—both pleas for change. His endorsement of same-sex marriage was courageous. And besides “gutsy call,” there was “nobody messes with Joe.” 

A turnaround was perceptible last month after the president claimed “federal spending since I took…

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