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2012 Election Polls – This Is What We Should Expect In the Days Ahead

The 2012 election polls continue to show that the 2012 elections are going to be close.  Some of the latest polls have shown conflicting reports, as some news outlets are reporting that Obama is leading the generic Republican candidate, while other polls are suggesting that Obama could lose the election in 2012 to any Republican candidate.  Many people on both sides of the fence believe their candidate is going to win, but it seems that neither candidate is garnering a lot of support.

Many Democrats can’t be pleased with the job Obama is doing as President.  Unemployment remains high with numbers above 8 %.  Statistics show that an incumbent president has never won re-election when the unemployment rate is above 8%.  This does not bode well for Obama, and some estimates suggest that the unemployment rate is actually much higher than the 8% numbers that are quoted by the labor department.

As for the leading Presidential candidate for the GOP, Mitt Romney may face trouble getting conservatives to vote for him.  While Romney’s recent past is much more conservative, he has a history of flip flopping on issues and not sticking to conservative principles.  When he was the Governor of Massachusetts, he was responsible for signing the healthcare law that was used to model the national healthcare law passed by Congress in late 2010.  Romney has tried to distance himself from this legislation, but it could still be a problem for him among conservatives who may otherwise vote for him in the general elections.

As new 2012 election polls keep us informed of the general election forecast, the contest is expected to stay close.  At the time of this writing, the GOP candidate has yet to be determined, but it will likely be Mitt Romney who gets the nomination in 2012.  The latest news out from media sources indicate that Mitt Romney would beat Obama head to head in the general election.  These polls have changed several times over the last few months, and many other polls have suggested that Obama can beat any Republican challenger.

At the end of the day, there are a few points that both candidates can argue.  President Obama will argue that he inherited a tough economy.  He will argue that his policies softened the blow of the recession, and he will tell us that things would have been a lot worse without his direction.  Obama will talk about keeping taxes low for the poor and only taxing the rich.

If Romney wants to stay ahead in the 2012 election polls, he will have to attack Barack Obama on the jobs numbers.  It has been stated that the real unemployment numbers are actually much higher than 8.5%.  The government numbers are skewed because many people are dropping off the numbers of people who are looking for work.  As a result, the percentage of unemployed Americans is dropping, but they are not finding jobs.

At the end of the day, the 2012 election polls are showing us that both candidates have a chance to win the election this year.