27 Aug

This is a great article on why Paul Ryan helps the Republican ticket!

Sweet Potato Politics


When Mitt Romney announced Representative Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, most American’s did not even know his name.  Ryan should have been a household name before now; for the past two years he has been a leading voice in the call to take the Federal Government’s fiscal problems seriously.

He comes across as honest, serious, and intellectual.  I’m not ashamed to say he’s on my short list of living heroes.

More importantly he has made the mathematical impossibilities of the long term viability of entitlement spending his signature issue as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee.  Further, Ryan has outlined highly specific proposals for how best to align entitlement spending with revenue long term.  It is a treacherous course politically, opening him up to attack ads and media ridicule, demonizing him for suggesting America should not expand re-distributive programs indefinitely.  Indeed, we have seen an onslaught since he was thrust into the…

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