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Mitt Romney on the Issues Republicans Care About in 2012

Mitt Romney on the issues

Where is Mitt Romney on the issues we care about in 2012?  This is the question that many Republicans are asking these days as the 2012 Republican primaries get underway.  Mitt Romney is clearly the front runner candidate for the GOP today, but there are other candidates who have a chance to win too.  Romney and Sarah Palin are fairly well-known among most of the presidential hopefuls, so they have an advantage in the early Republican polls.

Let’s explore Mitt Romney on the issues that are important to everyone in 2012!

Debt Ceiling Decision of 2011

Mitt Romney has come out and stated that he did not support the recent agreement that Congress and the President reached on the debt ceiling.  He believes that the measure opens the door to tax increases and military spending cuts, so he is not in favor of the legislation.

Global Warming

Romney takes a much more liberal view of global warming than most of the other candidates.  He believes that global warming is a major issue for our country today, and he would support some global warming initiatives.  His position on global warming has angered many conservatives that believe global warming is a hoax.  Part of the reason Romney is viewed as a moderate is because of his views on global warming.


Romney used to support abortion rights.  He stood with Republican Massachusetts Governor William Weld in 1994 when he stood for abortion rights and gay rights.  Romney was registered as an independent until 1994.  He has gradually moved to a more conservative position over the last 20 years, and he reversed his position on abortion in 2005.  He states he changed his position because of his studies on stem cell research topics.  Today he believes that abortion is destroying another human life.


Mitt Romney aligns himself with the Mormon faith, as he is a sixth generation member of the church.  This does not sit well with some traditional evangelicals in the Republican Party, but Romney has publically stated he does not want people to vote for him because of his religion.  Some people believe that this issue may hurt him in the Republican primaries, but Romney has made it a point to not make it a major issue in 2012.


Romney came out against the ObamaCare legislation.  This is a difficult issue for Romney too because this legislation was largely based off his own healthcare initiative he passed when he was the Governor of Massachusetts.  Romney’s recent positions indicate he is much more conservative on healthcare issues today than he was just a few years ago.  Romney still supports his own healthcare plan passed in Massachusetts, and this is one of the issues that could be a problem for him during the primaries.

Economic Policies

He believes that the Bush tax cuts should be made permanent.  He also believes that tax rates should be lowered for all Americans.  He is decidedly pro-business and believes that the government is not responsible for creating jobs.

When it comes to Mitt Romney on the issues facing our country, he is a moderate candidate.  He is not the favorite among the tea party, but he is the favorite among most Republicans.