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What Does Herman Cain Stand For – He Has a Chance to Win It All

Learn more about what does Herman Cain stand for!

Many people are asking what does Herman Cain stand for in this election.  After the GOP presidential debate in Florida, Herman Cain’s popularity is soaring in recent polls, and people want to know what Cain believes.  He won the Florida GOP Presidential straw poll.  Cain has spent most of his life in the private sector, so his beliefs on many issues are not as clear as most candidates.  He is not a lifetime politician, and he is best known as an entrepreneur and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.  He left Godfather’s Pizza in 1996, and he later became the CEO of the National Restaurant Association.  Cain entered into the political arena as a senior economic advisor for the Bob Dole for President campaign in 1996.

What Does Herman Cain Stand For

Herman Cain Views on Healthcare

Cain is famous for a debate he had with President Bill Clinton in the early 1990s.  At the time, Cain was the President-elect of the National Restaurant Association.  Bill Clinton was pushing for the healthcare reform law, and Cain was highly critical of the effect of healthcare laws on small business.  Herman Cain was one of the primary opponents of the healthcare law that Bill and Hillary wanted to pass.  Cain asked Clinton how he was supposed to explain to his employees that he was laying them off as a result of the healthcare mandate that Clinton wanted to pass.  Clinton tried to explain away the terrible legislation by stating that the government would subsidize small business, but Cain countered that Clinton’s assertions were inaccurate and that things simply don’t work that way.

Herman Cain Views on Taxes

Cain has recently come out with a new tax plan that many conservatives seem to like.  Cain recently unveiled his 9-9-9 tax plan.  The idea is that the American tax system would be completely overhauled.  There would be a 9 percent flat income tax, a 9 percent corporate tax, and a 9 percent national sales tax.  In the video Cain released to the public, he states he believes the chain of taxes is keeping the American economy from growing.  While some conservatives are concerned about his position on this, most conservatives seem to like the idea of a simplified tax code.  Under this plan, the capital gains tax is eliminated, and you are taxed for the things you spend money on.  Overall, the plan seems much better than what we have now.  No one is asking what does Herman Cain stand for on taxes, as he has presented his plan to America.

Cain’s Position on Foreign Policy

Herman Cain has little experience in foreign policy, and this is due to the fact that he has never held political office.  As time goes on, we may learn more Cain, but this is an area that appears to be unfamiliar to Cain.  If you want to know what does Herman Cain stand for on foreign policy issues, it appears we do not know where he stands at this time.

Cain’s Religious Beliefs

Cain is an associate minister at Antioch Baptist Church North located in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is a born again Christian and would likely support Christian values as President of the United States.  Cain has also made comments regarding Shariah Law.  He feels that Muslims are trying to slowly ease Shariah Law into the United States government.

What does Herman Cain stand for?  We are still learning his beliefs on many of the important issues today, but as his popularity explodes, we are learning more and more about where he stands on the issues.  He has done well in the debates, and it appears he would be a formidable candidate against Barack Obama in 2012.