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Can Herman Cain Win the Nomination and Beat Obama in 2012

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Can Herman Cain win the nomination and beat Obama in 2012?  There are a growing number of people within the Republican Party who believe Herman Cain can win the GOP nomination and go on to win the election.  His recent poll numbers are astounding!  He has gone from a virtual nobody just a month ago to the hottest candidate since sliced bread!  His surging poll numbers have much more substance than Rick Perry’s surge because of the reasons Cain is gaining momentum.

Can Herman Cain Win the Nomination and Beat Obama in 2012

Perry was the flavor of the day simply because he was the conservative candidate that was missing from the GOP race.   Conservatives knew his positions were much more conservative than Mitt Romney, so people started flocking to him.  People outside of Texas only knew him from the media’s perspective on him.  Perry enjoyed lots of popularity until he participated in his first debate.

Once the GOP debates started, many people realized that Perry might not be up to the task.  While Perry floundered, Herman Cain seized the opportunity and showed America why we should vote for him!

Cain has shown that he has the skills to debate against President Obama, and this is important because of who he has to debate.  Obama showed in the 2008 elections that he has great charisma in the spotlight, so the GOP needs to nominate someone who has the right skill set to debate against Obama in 2012.

As far as the question can Herman Cain win the nomination in 2012, I believe he has an excellent shot to win.  Recent polls show he is tied with Perry for 2nd place, and some polls are even beginning to show him leading the race.  The Florida straw poll was the first real indication that conservatives are ready for someone new and different.

Overall, I think there is a very good chance that Cain wins the nomination.  If he does win the nomination, which I believe he will, then the next question becomes can Herman Cain beat Obama in 2012?  Many people don’t think Cain is able!  President Obama is the incumbent president, and he is certainly able to hold his own in debates.  He still has support from his base, and he is expecting to keep his support from the diehard liberals.

Despite his charisma, President Obama is facing many challenges.  The economy is faltering, and he is trying to pass a tax increase on the wealthy.  He still wants to spread the wealth around, but most of the country doesn’t seem to be in the mood for that today.  His signature healthcare law is still widely unpopular among many Americans, and many larger corporations have already been exempted from the law.

Herman Cain is a complete outsider to the political arena.  He is an entrepreneur, and he understands economic matters.  He knows how to market himself as the best candidate.  If he wins the nomination, he will be able to gain more support from black supporters.  He understands why people don’t have jobs, and Cain isn’t afraid to speak his mind on any issues.  He is not afraid to criticize Obama, and the race card is out of the question in a Cain Obama race.

Can Herman Cain win the nomination and beat Obama in 2012?  I think he has a decent chance to win the GOP nomination, and he has an even better chance to beat Obama.  As badly as Obama is polling now, the GOP could run Daffy Duck against him and still win!


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