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What Republican Candidate Should I Vote For

What Republican candidate should I vote for?  Many Republicans are going to the polls soon to cast their votes in the Republican primaries, and that means we will soon know which candidate is running against Obama in 2012.  There has been a lot of news surrounding the candidates this year, and depending on what issues matter to you, there are many different reasons to support specific candidates.

what republican candidate should I vote for

What Republican candidate should I vote for?  Let’s start by identifying the candidates that have no chance to win.  These are the candidates you shouldn’t vote for simply because they are already out of it.

Don’t vote for these candidates:

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum has consistently polled at the bottom of the polls.  Most people don’t know who he is, and even fewer people would recognize him in a crowd!  He was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1990, and he was elected to the Senate in 1994.  He lost reelection in 2006, but he is not getting much attention at all in this campaign.  His poll numbers remain low with only 2% to 3% support.

John Huntsman

It is not clear why he is even still running.  In the Nov. 7 Gallup poll, he is only getting 1% of the vote.  The media is ignoring him, and he has virtually 0% chance of winning the nomination.  Don’t vote for him if you want your vote to count for anything.

Michele Bachmann

Bachmann was strong in July, as she polled as high as 13% in July.  Her numbers have dropped since July, and her November poll numbers have dropped to 3%.  Don’t vote for her as she has a 0% chance to win.

Rick Perry

Stick a fork in his campaign.  Perry is done.  It is obvious that Rick Perry is not prepared to debate against Barack Obama.  He may be more conservative than most candidates, but his polls numbers have dropped to 11%.  Republicans can’t nominate him simply because he would lose against Obama due to his poor debating skills.

What Republican candidate should I vote for?  There are really only four candidates that have any chance to win.  Ron Paul has a very small chance to win the nomination.  Newt Gingrich is surging in the polls.  Herman Cain is still polling strong despite the recent allegations against him.  Mitt Romney’s support has never wavered.

There are several issues that are important to most voters.  All of the leading candidates are strong on specific issues:

The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy

Ron Paul is probably the strongest candidate on monetary policy.  Voters seem to love him on this topic.  Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich are fairly strong on monetary policies too.

Christian Issues

Herman Cain, who is an associate minister at Antioch Baptist Church North, is probably the strongest candidate for Christians.  Ron Paul is the second strongest candidate among Christians.  Newt Gingrich is not as popular among Christians, as he has a checkered past and has been divorced multiple times.  Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and that simply doesn’t sit well with religious conservatives.

Likability and Broad Appeal

Romney is the most moderate of the leading candidates, and he also has the most potential to steal votes from Barack Obama.  Cain has a strong favorability rating too, and it remains to be seen if there is any merit to the sexual allegations against him.  (Personally I don’t see any merit in the allegations.) Ron Paul is much more polarizing than the other candidates, and this hurts his favorability ratings.

Business Friendly and Jobs Creation

With the state of the economy, this is one of the most important issues today.  Cain easily wins here, as he has real-world experience that would greatly benefit small business owners.  With Rick Perry falling from the ranks of the front runners, Cain has a chance to pick up votes from people who are voting for candidates with a strong jobs record.   Gingrich has a strong conservative history from his time serving in the US House of Representatives in the 1990s when the economy was booming due to Republican policies.

Foreign Policy

Gingrich is strong on foreign policy, and so is Romney.  Paul is staunchly opposed to having a strong military presence overseas, and this hurts him among the Republican base. Paul’s unusual views on foreign policy have hurt his nomination chances.  Cain has virtually no foreign policy experience, so this could hurt him if he wins the nomination.

Political Experience

Paul, Gingrich, and Romney all have a fair amount of political experience.  Paul has the most experience here.  Cain has zero political experience, but he has had a radio show in the past, so he understands political issues.

Man Made Global Warming

If you support regulations for global warming, then Romney and Gingrich have the strongest platforms.  Romney has flip-flopped several times.  Gingrich also keeps flip-flopping on global warming.  He recently said he didn’t know if it was real.  In 2008, Gingrich appeared in an ad with Nancy Pelosi embracing the idea of man-made global warming.  Cain and Paul believe man-made global warming is a hoax.

Illegal Immigration

Most of the candidates are soft on this issue.  Cain is the only exception.  He recently stated we should build an electrified deadly 20 foot border fence to keep illegal immigrants out.  Paul has moved toward amnesty in recent years, and Romney and Gingrich are more moderate on these issues.

The candidates generally agree on most of the other core issues in the Republican Party.  They all want to stop ObamaCare.  They want to lower taxes for everyone to give small business the chance to hire people again.  What Republican candidate should I vote for?  I think you should vote for the candidate that is the strongest on the issues you care about.

According to Rasmussen, the top three issues voters care about most are the economy, health care, and Gov’t ethics and corruption.  The economy beats healthcare by a percentage of 84% to 63%.  Cain is probably the strongest candidate on the economy due to his business background.  What Republican candidate should I vote for?  Based on the numbers, Cain is the strongest candidate in the race!