01 May

I don’t think Obama is going to get any votes from touting this accomplishment. Anyone who votes with the military in mind knows that Democrats are not as tough as Republicans on national security issues.

Reflections of a Rational Republican

Since everything seems to come in threes, it seems both Republicans and Democrats are now fighting over another ridiculous campaign non-issue beside the “war on women” and the “war on dogs”: the slaying of Osama bin Laden.

On the one hand, some Democrats are touting Obama’s role in bin Laden’s execution as a sign of his superior leadership (see the Obama campaign commercial above). Other Democrats are appalled that he would politicize this issue. Certain Democrats are also claiming that Romney would not have taken similar actions were he president and faced with the same decision.

On the other hand, some Republicans have been openly dismissive of Obama’s role, while others are appalled that President Obama would make Obama’s assassination a campaign issue. Moreover, Republicans have scoffed at the idea that Romney would not have made a similar decision. Romney himself noted, “Even Jimmy Carter would have given that…

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