01 May

This is a very interesting article about the Electoral College and how Romney can win the nomination!

The Conservative New Ager

Most of us admit that the general election has started.  (I say most because those wacky Paulbots are still arguing Ron could get enough delegates and win the nomination…and they wonder why that clear analysis of basic realities makes the rest of us distrust their understanding of economics).   All sane people realize this is going to be Romney vs. Obama.

Which means that it is the Electoral College is almost all that matters now.  I say almost because turnout is also an important factor in swing states, and national polls can effect turnout.  They can also help influence fundraising (You don’t put up money for a complete loser if there is no hope whatsoever).  But the reality is that this is more or less all up to the Electoral College.

So where do we actually stand in the Electoral College?  Well Democrats keep railing about how Obama has the Electoral…

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