23 Apr

Will Marco Rubio be the nominee? I think there is a good chance he will be.

538 Refugees

(Update: 6/15/12 Following President Obama’s policy of granting protection from deportation of illegal immigrants who were born or brought here as children, Rubio as a VP choice is once again called into question. The Obama administration’s actions caught the Romney camp flat-footed on the issue leaving Romney left to either backtrack on his previous position on immigration or to take a bold step such as nominate Rubio.)

It’s Florida, again. Mitt Romney has but a few ways to beat President Obama in November. One of them involves swing states; or states with undecided or independent voters. Florida is one of the most crucial. No one needs to be reminded of the year 2000 as an example.

Yet how does Mitt Romney win Florida? Well, he did pretty good in the primary although he lost the northern panhandle to Newt Gingrich. Even so, he stands to gain Gingrich’s votes in the…

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