Obamacare In The Supreme Court 101: Deliberations, Rulings And Impacts

26 Mar

The Daley Gator

On Monday – two years after President Obama – the Supreme Court will hear arguments challenging the health law’s constitutionality. Heralded as the case of the century, the oral arguments heard and, ultimately, the Court’s decisions will set the precedent for hundreds of future legal rulings. They also will determine if there are any limits left to what the federal government can require regarding personal and private decisions.

From its inception, Obamacare has faced challenges on legal and moral grounds.

In fact, Heritage analysts were among the first to explain why the individual mandate that all Americans buy government-approved health insurance is .

It’s no wonder that legal challenges from the majority of the states and other organizations began pouring in shortly after the law’s passage. As these lawsuits worked their way through the district and federal appellate courts, conflicting decisions resulted, leading to the Supreme Court taking up the…

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