30 Jan

Under the Mountain Bunker

The Republican “Super Tuesday” falls on March 6th. Mistermix at Balloon Juice argues that Newt would be crazy to not stay in until then:

Reasonable, Sane Newt Should Keep Fighting

If we take a look at the current delegate count, note that Florida is one of the states that gets a 50% penalty because they scheduled their primary too early, and also note that Florida is probably winner take all, the best that Romney can do is to leave that state leading Newt 44-23. No matter how you count it, and that count depends on whether you think the 50% penalty will stick, the winner will need well over 1,100 delegates to win the nomination, and nothing near that number will be awarded until “Super Tuesday”, March 6, where 466 delegates are at stake.

February will be ugly for Newt, with Nevada and Maine…

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