Why Is Mitt Romney the Front Runner

19 Jan

Discover more reasons about why is Mitt Romney the front runner today!

So why is Mitt Romney the front runner?  This is a question that many Republicans keep asking.  A lot of conservatives don’t like Romney.  He is not conservative enough for them.  Romney has specifically stated that he agrees in the theory of man-made global warming.  He is not interested in catering to the evangelical Christians in the Republican Party, as he is a Mormon.  The Mormon issue could be a big deal to some people, but I believe that most people aren’t worried about his religious beliefs.

So why is Mitt Romney the front runner for the GOP nomination?  I see several reasons why he is:

He ran in 2008 and has name recognition. 

Unlike many of the other Republican candidates, people already knew who Romney was before the primary season even began.  Many people preferred Romney over McCain in 2008, and now people have a chance to vote for him again.  Romney led in some of the early primaries four years ago, but McCain eventually took over the top spot for the nomination.  Romney eventually dropped out once he recognized he couldn’t beat John McCain in 2008.

He is a much better debater than many of the other candidates. 

Romney has the experience that many of the other candidates lack.  As a result, he does pretty well in the GOP debates.  He has shown that he has what it takes to go back and forth with President Obama when the debates begin later this year.

He looks and talks like a President.

Romney is a great speaker.  When he speaks, he appears to be someone who can effectively communicate with the people on a personal level.  When you hear him speak, he sounds like someone who is well-educated and knows his stand on the issues.  Effective speaking skills could help him beat Obama in 2012, and that is one of the answers to the question why is Mitt Romney the front runner.

He has the financial backing that other candidates don’t have. 

Romney’s own personal wealth is estimated to be over 250 million dollars.  Romney has stated he will release his tax returns in the spring, but this still won’t tell us everything about how much he has in investments.  Romney has also done a great job in raising funds for his campaign, and this is important, as Barack Obama has raised an estimated $1 billion dollars for his reelection campaign.

Romney is a moderate that appeals to many independents and Democrats. 

Romney appeals to people that are independents and Democrats.  Many liberals are upset with Obama’s overall job performance, and they want someone new this year.  Enter Mitt Romney.  While Romney is not running on liberal values, he has been known as someone who has supported various liberal causes over the years.  He used to support many Democrat ideas, so liberals sense he may be more like them!

Why is Mitt Romney the front runner?  He simply has more name recognition and more money than anyone else.  He looks and talks like a President, and he appeals to people who otherwise wouldn’t vote for Republican candidates.



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