Newt Gingrich Rocked The Debate With This

17 Jan

Mark America

The absolute best moment of last Monday night’s Fox News debate in South Carolina is encapsulated in this video, when Juan Williams asked Gingrich a racially charged question, Gingrich rejected the premise, and rocked the auditorium, and was rewarded with a thunderous standing ovation from a crowd that was clearly ecstatic to hear conservatism expressed in such a clear and thorough manner.  This is the sort of thing the conservative base has been waiting for to rally around one of these candidates.   I don’t know if he can win, but this moment in the debate may have been the best single moment for any candidate in the whole campaign season.

What Gingrich said here is important in understanding why we must defeat Barack Obama.  We cannot permit the left to set the terms of the debate, and in this instance, Gingrich absolutely demonstrated why this is true.   I’ve had…

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