Republican Presidential Candidates 2012 Primaries – This Man or Woman Is Going To Win the Nomination

01 Sep

Learn more about the Republican presidential candidates 2012 primaries.

Many people will be watching the Republican presidential candidates 2012 primaries with heightened interest.  Conservatives, moderates, and independents alike are disgusted with the policies of the Obama administration, and they are ready for someone else to take control of the presidency in 2013.

Many Americans are out of work.  Many people are losing their homes to foreclosure because they can’t refinance their mortgages.  Many citizens are trapped in their residence because they owe more than the house is worth.  If you are one of millions of Americans that have to move, and you are upside down on your home, you either have to short sell your home or walk away and let foreclosure occur. Americans are tired of the financial stress, and many people are waiting to see who runs against Obama in 2012.

These candidates have the best chance to win the nomination.

Rick Perry Odds

It appears that Rick Perry has an excellent chance to win the nomination for the Republicans.  He is polling even better than many people expected before he entered the race.  He has taken a commanding lead in the polls, and his lead has even grown since he first announced he was entering the race.

Perry’s popularity stems from his strong jobs record in the state of Texas, his strong stance on conservative social issues, and his strong conservative background on other economic issues.  He most closely represents the core values of many conservatives, so many people are rallying around him now.

Before Perry entered the race, Romney was the front-runner, but he did not energize the base.  Rick Perry has energized the base more than any of the other candidates.

Rick Perry Odds for President 65%

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann entered the campaign in the summer of 2011, and before Rick Perry entered the race, she was the darling of the Tea Party.  She was seen by many people as the best alternative to Rick Perry, but she does not have any executive experience.

Bachmann lost a lot of her support to Rick Perry when he entered the race, and she has been fading in recent polls.  She is still seen as one of the leading candidates for the GOP nomination, but she has a lot of ground to make up if she wants to run against Obama in 2012.  The Republican presidential candidates 2012 primaries will determine if Bachmann has any chance to gain ground on Perry and Romney.

Michele Bachmann Odds for President 15%

Mitt Romney

Romney is the leading candidate for the moderates in the Republican Party.  He was leading the polls by a small margin before Bachmann entered the race, but his campaign is now in catch-up mode as they try to figure out what to do with Ricky Perry.  He runs second in most respected polls today.   Romney is going to have to convince the Republican base that he is better qualified than Rick Perry to lead the country back to economic prosperity.   Romney’s key to winning the nomination will have to come from moderates and independents who are still making up their mind on their vote for 2012.

Mitt Romney Odds for President 25%

The Republican presidential candidates 2012 primaries will determine who wins the GOP nomination, and it appears that Governor Rick Perry has a huge lead in the race.


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