What Does Rick Perry Stand For?

28 Jul

What does Rick Perry stand for?  Millions of Republicans and conservatives are asking this question as the 2012 elections draw closer.  At the time of this writing, he has not officially announced his intentions for next year, but it appears that Perry is going to run.  It makes plenty of sense for him to run.  The polls show he is already one of the strongest candidates in the GOP field.

If you are wondering what does Rick Perry stand for, you have come to the right place!  Let’s discuss his stance on the major issues of conservatives in 2012.


Christians are extremely passionate about this issue, and the right candidate for the GOP should stand for pro-life causes.  Perry is strongly pro-life.  He opposes the government policy of funding abortions.  He has also signed a bill in Texas where teenage girls under the age of 18 must get parental consent before deciding to get an abortion.  In 2011, Perry signed the Mandatory Ultrasound Bill.  This bill requires a woman who wants to get an abortion to go through an ultrasound where she sees images on the sonogram of her unborn child and hears the baby’s heartbeat.

Religious Beliefs

Rick Perry is an evangelical Christian.  He forms his beliefs primarily on Christian principles.  On a couple of occasions, Rick Perry has declared times of prayer and fasting.  He declared June 6, 2011 as a time of fasting and prayer.  Perry regularly attends different church services in Texas to speak.  He also called for a time of prayer in April 2011 to pray for rain for Texas.  He believes that intelligent design should be taught in the school system along with evolution.  He does not believe that the government should establish an official religion as the government taxes everyone the same.

The Role of Government in Society

Governor Rick Perry supports limited central government.  He feels that the current Federal government is bloated and needs to be cut back.

Global Warming and Other Environmental Issues

Governor Perry believes that there is no substantial evidence of global warming.  He feels that scientists have not concluded that global warming is a real problem in our society today.  He believes that global warming is a lot of media hype, and he is staunchly opposed to passing legislation that supports climate change initiatives.

Fiscal Policies

Texas is one of the states that does‘t have a state income tax, and Governor Perry has opposed any attempts to create an income tax for Texas.  He is a fiscal conservative that stands for conservative fiscal values in most cases.  He is very strong on job creation, as Texas leads the nation in new jobs created since 2003.  It has created 73.4 % of the nation’s jobs since 2006.  This is huge as many Americans are out of work today.

What does Rick Perry stand for?  Perry stands for pro-life, fiscal conservative values, social conservatives, and limited government.  He is one of the best candidates for the Tea Party Movement.



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